The 2011 Twins were perhaps even more lifeless than this year's team and sat 20 games under .500 — 17-37 — before crawling within five games of .500 at 44-49. Does this year's team have a similar 27-12 stretch in it? (And even if it does, can it avoid the second-half fade that resulted in the 2011 team going 63-99)?


No starting pitcher for the Twins has even reached the two victory threshold this season. Ricky Nolasco will try to change that when the Twins play at Cleveland. 6 p.m., FSN.


"I'm still not off the Pitino bandwagon. Maybe I'm the last one, and I will admit some of his in game antics are a little childish, but I think he works really hard and I think an 18-12 record next year gives us some real hope."

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"Noah Syndergaard now has one fewer career homer than Mendoza Line founder Mario Mendoza, who had 1337 (!) career at-bats."

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