Jared Allen is many things to many people. A mullet warrior. A QB sacker. A man with whom you do not want to pick a fight. A lover of the number 69.

But do you want Jared Allen in your kitchen? Wait, don't answer that. BECAUSE LIKE IT OR NOT, HERE HE COMES.

On Tuesday, Jared Allen's cookbook will be released Tuesday. It is conveniently titled, "The Quarterback Killer's Cookbook." And the best way to buy it is via QBKiller69.com (of course).

Here is a description, via a press release:

Features great hunting tales from Jared’s many expeditions mixed in with 30 sophisticated and easy to make wild game recipes. ... offers over 100 pages of delicious and unconventional recipes weaved in with Jared’s first hand tales of hunting and his love for the great outdoors. Readers will enjoy eccentric cuisines from “Jared’s favorite pheasant nuggets with country gravy,” “wild boar ragout with fettucini” and “rattlesnake croquette” to simple meal ideas such as “fish tacos with salsa fresca” and “trout with almonds and herbs.

Though we don't see any recipes such as "Braised Aaron Rodgers, served with rice pilaf on a bed of tears," you can make buffalo meatloaf.

You're probably going to want to visit the selected photos page of the cookbook web site. It's straight out of Kenny Powers' imagination.

You have to love this, right?

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