(Updated with new info that video was not produced by Greene's campaign)

Minnesota may be known for its months-long recounts and professional wrestling governors, but here’s a campaign ad from one race that might top anything our state has seen in terms of odd politics.

Alvin Greene, a surprise candidate — to say the least — who won the Democratic senate primary in South Carolina  last month, released the “official Alvin Greene rap” this week had a rap video made about him that he says "sounds good," but his campaign did not produce.

Greene's race against Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has emerged as one of the strangest stories this election season, where an unemployed military veteran who didn’t campaign won the Democratic nomination.

One of his first ideas: creating jobs by manufacturing “Alvin Greene action figures,” which a minor league baseball team then fulfilled.

“Alvin Greene is on the Scene” will likely only add to the race’s intrigue.

Some of video's best lines:

“Well Greene’s a new face in politics, and he don’t show porno to college chicks.“ (He faces an obscenity charge)
“He’s gonna give lots of money to the schools and stuff.”
“He knows how you feel ‘cuz he’s unemployed too.”

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