So now everybody wants to play here? One day after the Wild announced two blockbusters, the Wolves got in the mix with news that they will sign Brandon Roy and are attempting to also get Nicolas Batum, a restricted free agent. Five thoughts on the new developments:

1) Wolves fans have coveted Roy -- and lamented the draft day trade that shipped him out in exchange for Randy Foye pretty much since the time it happened. If you will pardon a two-decade-old TV reference, Wolves fans were like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap, hoping that at some point, Roy would make the leap home. And now, two bad knees later, he is back. How much does he have left in the tank? Well, it sounds like the plan is to restrict Roy's minutes and have him try to be a fourth-quarter closer. If it works, he could be a bargain. If it doesn't work, the search for wing depth continues.

2) If somehow Portland doesn't match the possible four-year, $50 million offer sheet for Batum, the Wolves will suddenly be VERY crowded at the wing. Batum, Chase Budinger and Brandon Roy figure to eat up almost all of those those minutes if you figure Batum would be getting paid to play at least 35 per game, Budinger should get 25-30 and Roy will get 20. The question then really becomes Derrick Williams, Something would have to give -- perhaps Williams in a sign-and-trade with Portland for Batum, along with one of the cap-friendly contracts the Wolves have on hand in order to make the money work? Again, though, Portland says it will match and doesn't want to deal. We will see what really happens.

3) If you are scoring at home, going back to Roy-Foye, the Wolves got their guy (Roy), albeit two bad knees later ... and remember, Foye was a key piece in the fleecing of Washington that brought in the draft pick that became Ricky Rubio. In this case, at least, David Kahn has made a tidy room out of Kevin McHale's mess.

4) How would you like a closing five of Pekovic, Love, Batum, Roy and Rubio? Whoa. And you'd still have (at least for now) Budinger, Williams, Ridnour and Barea, among others, on the bench.

5) Is that too much money for Batum? Quite possibly. But like Parise and Suter, he fills a position of need on a team starved for a spark. And it sounds like he wants to be here.

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