We are, frankly, ASTOUNDED that Yasiel Puig didn't win the fan vote to be chosen as the final NL All-Star, being knocked out by Freddie Freeman of the Braves. It's hard to fathom Freeman being more popular than a guy who has taken MLB by storm in the past six weeks. Conspiracy theorists are already wondering if MLB rigged the vote in order to keep a youngster out, though that makes absolutely no sense if you are trying to sell a product. He is one of the five most exciting players in all of baseball, period.

However, there is this: Maybe a few days off from Puig is a good thing. Maybe having a million baseball writers picking apart his every move in New York during the All-Star festivities wouldn't have been ideal for the young guy.

Because we've already gone from simply being able to enjoy his talent to questioning everything about him in a stunning amount of time, haven't we?

Some players don't like the way he plays? Boo hoo.

Someone thinks he's being disrespectful to Luis Gonzalez based on a brief on-field encounter? Come on.

Let's at least try to make it to 2014 before completely spoiling the legend with our preconceived notions of how a young ballplayer should act.

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