Former University of Minnesota Duluth track and cross-country athlete Paige du Bois is suing, alleging the school retaliated against her for supporting her former coach, Joanna Warmington. Warmington resigned in August 2018 after complaints about her coaching behavior spurred an investigation.

Her federal lawsuit against the University of Minnesota Board of Regents asks for compensatory and emotional distress damages, along with attorney’s fees.

According to the complaint, du Bois was treated differently from other athletes and denied an opportunity to redshirt after she expressed support for Warmington during the investigation.

In September, she filed a complaint with the University of Minnesota Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office alleging the retaliation. Several months later, she received a letter stating she did not allege retaliation and therefore her complaint would not be investigated.

In the fall, du Bois transferred to Northern Michigan University, where she is on the women’s cross-country and track teams.

“I’ve been forced by the University and UMD to file this lawsuit,” said du Bois in a statement. “I was lied to and forced off campus when they no longer found me useful to them and saw that I did not support their coaching change.”

UMD spokeswoman Lynne Williams says the school was not aware of the filing until it received news releases from the media. The school does not comment on pending litigation, she said.