A woman who worked as an investigator for the St. Louis County Medical Examiner pleaded guilty Thursday to possessing methamphetamine.

Danielle Jean Charon, 34, of Hibbing, was arrested in early February after officers with the Boundary Waters Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at her house.  She was then charged with possessing meth and morphine and storing meth paraphernalia in the presence of her children.

She pleaded guilty Thursday to possessing meth in the 5th degree and the other charges were dismissed, according to her attorney Jim Perunovich.

Perunovich said he expects that when Charon is sentenced in April, her case will be stayed for a three-year probation and attendance in drug court.

“She’s done something and she admitted that it was a mistake and she’s going to clean it all up and move on,” Perunovich said. “I think she’s sincere.”

Charon was a part-time contract employee who investigated deaths in St. Louis County, according to Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Tom Uncini. Her work included going to scenes, looking at the deceased and helping to determine whether the office should perform an autopsy.

Uncini said Charon had told him that she had completed nursing training.

She no longer works as an investigator, he said.