Another UFC fighter and former Golden Gopher wrestler’s vocal disapproval of national health care has landed them in hot water.

Jacob Volkmann, who wrestled at the University of Minnesota from 2000-2004, received a visit from the Secret Service on Tuesday after saying in an interview that he would like to fight President Barack Obama.

Following his win over Antonio McKee last Saturday at UFC 125, Volkmann was asked who he would like to fight next by’s Ariel Helwani. He flippantly replied that didn’t matter, then added: “Actually, Obama. He’s not too bright…. like the make a home affordable plan and his health care plan, someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot.”

Helwani then asked if Volkmann is a Sarah Palin fan, to which he replied “No, no. I just don’t like what Barack is doing.”

Two days later, Volkmann says he received a visit from two representatives from the Secret Service.

Volkmann recalled the meeting in a story on today.

“It happened on Tuesday, I was coaching youth practice, and then two guys came up and one of the other coaches that was helping me out, they said there was a cop and another guy out there waiting for me,” Volkmann said. “I went out there and the guy introduced himself and said he was from the Secret Service and he wanted to ask me some questions about UFC 125 and my quote. He said there were people calling in to D.C. telling them that somebody, me, was threatening the President.”

Volkmann told the website that the Secret Service had the entire text of his interview. “He was like ‘is this what you said?’ and I said, ‘yes it is.’ He’s like ‘I want to let you know I’m a little embarrassed for coming here and doing this because obviously nothing happened,’” Volkmann said. “He actually apologized for coming, but he had to come. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to D.C to hurt the President.”

Volkman told MMA Weekly that his original comments were because of his disagreement with last year’s passage of the "Obamacare" health care bill.

“People were misunderstanding the point of view I was going for with the health care plan. That’s why they were getting so upset. I’m thinking about the provider, I’m a chiropractor, so I’m thinking about my point of view, not everyone getting insurance. They don’t have to worry about getting denied, which is good I guess, just not good for health care providers,” said Volkmann.

In the original interview, Volkmann told Helwani “I just don’t like what Barack was doing, cause I’m a chiropractor, so I know the health care situation is not good, but he’s making it worse… It’s irritating, because I’m starting my own business and it’s not easy when you’re giving insurance companies the power to decline you and not pay you.”

Volkman recently opened his own chiropractic clinic, Volkmann Chiropractic, in White Bear Lake.

Volkmann is ninth all-time in victories for the Gopher wrestling team, with a record of 127-36-0 from 2000-2004. He’s currently 3-2 in the UFC and trains at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in Brooklyn Center.

Volkmann is the second former Gopher wrestler and current UFC fighter to receive publicity for their comments on health care. Former NCAA champion and former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar made national news a year ago when he criticized the Canadian health care system following his hospitalization outside Winnipeg from an inflammation of diverticulitis. Lesnar left the hospital against doctor’s orders and raced to a North Dakota hospital where he credits doctors with saving his life.

Here is the original interview:


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