In the best possible world, we would always have access to the freshest, most life-giving food - whether from ingredients used make our own meals – or from some terrific person who prepared them for us. The meals would be balanced, chock full of nutrition and delicious.  Quite simply, there is no better way to give your body the most optimum diet than to eat whole (real!) foods that have been thoughtfully put together and prepared from scratch. 

On a daily basis, though, in spite of all logic that would guide us otherwise, we consider the nutritional needs of our body a hasty afterthought.  Life gets in the way, of course. 

So what do you do when the light has gone on and you know what you should be eating, but anticipate having busy mornings, afternoons or evenings when you’ll be on the run?

Plan ahead.  Keeping healthy and convenient food items stocked in your refrigerator will make grabbing a quick meal simple and practical.

Consider “wrappers”, pockets or vegetables for quick foods.
  Sprouted whole grain tortillas, whole grain pita pockets, nori seaweed sheets, or collard greens are all perfect vehicles for rolling and stuffing with nutritious ingredients.  They’ll work for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are easy to vary depending on what you choose to put in them.

Make a practice of cooking a batch of rice and beans (or lentils, quinoa, hummus and wild rice) on the weekend to have available all week long. It is a good habit to make basic foods to us as the backbone of filling for your quick wrap or pocket meals in addition to eating them a variety of ways throughout the week.  Chopping greens, crunchy brassicas like broccoli or cauliflower and peeling whole carrots to store in airtight containers will make filling your wraps, pockets or green rolls with abundant vegetables a fast, easy choice.

Keep a fruit bowl available on the kitchen counter. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to remember a piece of fruit or two to take with you on your way out the door if you see it.  Fruit will last just fine on the counter for a few days and can be replenished from extra stored in the refrigerator. 

Blend up a smoothie and pack it along with you in a glass jar. This is a good way to have a healthy option ready in advance - blended up with fruit, some greens, and a little nut butter it will keep just fine without refrigeration for several hours - just shake it up before drinking. 

Make your own snack packs with raw nuts for a healthy between meals option, as is preparing your own sandwich snack crackers made out of whole grain flatbreads (Ryvita, Wasa or RyCrisp) – filled with nut butters and a little honey or raisins, or hummus and sliced veggies, or cheese.  Or take along big slices and chunks of raw organic vegetables - whole peeled carrots, big wedges of red pepper, thick slices of cucumber - and pack along a small container of hummus or nut butter.  Any choice will fill you up and help you to avoid resorting to unhealthy snacks with zero nutritional value.

Even if you took one of these options and incorporated it into to your need for quick meals once, twice or a few times a week you’d be doing yourself a HUGE favor by reducing bad fat, sodium or sugar grams in fast food options.  It will also cost less, it will contribute less garbage to the waste stream and you’ll feel better at the end of the day.

Don’t beat yourself up when you can’t achieve the optimum, but keep an eye on making these small changes become the new habit - and you’ll make a big impact on your health in no time.

Collard Green Wrap

1 collard green leaf
1/4 cup hummus
1/2 avocado
1/2 sweet red pepper, cut into strips
1/3 cucumber (skin on) cut into spears or flat slices
handful spinach

Cut the spine out of one large collard leaf (washed and patted dry).  Lay each half flat on a cutting board and spread with hummus.  Fill with avocado slices, sliced red pepper, cucumber wedges or a small handful of spinach. Roll up starting at one pointed end.  Secure with a toothpick and fill the second collard leaf half in a similar manner.

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