Here’s more of what Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill had to say in an interview two weeks ago before a Philadelphia gig:


On their Minnesota connections: “Playing First Avenue was a big deal to us. I remember watching ‘Purple Rain’ not long before we first played there, which made it an even bigger deal. We have these sweaty, old photos of us playing there that really bring back good memories. We’ve met up with friends when we’re there, too. Our good buddy Nick Swardson [comedian] is from there, and we’re also good friends with Garrett Hedlund [Roseau-bred ‘Tron: Legacy’ actor]. And we’re all big Sooners football guys, too, so we’re very, very big fans of Adrian Peterson.”


On the 2011 documentary “Talihina Sky,” a spotlight on their family and sibling relationships (not always positive): “I loved the honesty of the movie, and quite frankly it was a big help to us. Since the very beginning of the band, we spent a lot of time answering questions about where we came from, what it was like growing up with our dad being a preacher, growing up in the church, being in a band with your family. The movie kind of told everything so we didn’t have to answer those questions again.”


On remaining an arena-level band: “We like playing arenas. We never, ever saw ourselves as an arena band when we started. We didn’t even expect to make it past our second album, and just assumed we’d get dropped by our label. Once we got to playing arenas, though, we really started to feed off it. There are things we’re still trying to figure out and change. Like U2 knows exactly how to do it, and we’re not there yet, but we hope to rise to the challenge.”


On being in a touring band since he was 15: “I’d be crazy to complain about anything. But I do have dreams all the time where I’ll be like, ‘Oh, no, I have to finish high school.’ That’s sort of weird for me. And I did always think I’d go off to college. I bet I would have had fun in college, too, but I’m pretty sure I outdid my college partying years being in the band instead.” [Laughs]