Dayton's era

1960: Spring Flower Show: Eight Gardens of the World (1st floor)

1963: National Rose Show (eighth-floor auditorium)

1964: Flower Festival, National Rose Show (fall)

1965: English Garden

1966: Italian Garden

1967: Southern Garden

1968: Dutch Garden

1969: Sculpture Gardens (spring); Not So Far East (summer)

1970: Springtime Park

1971: New England Spring

1972: Camelot

1973: An Old-Fashioned Garden

1974: It's Cherry Blossom Time

1975: California Flower Market

1976: Springtime on the Mississippi

1977: Scheherazade: Exotic Gardens of Morocco

1978: A Flowering Woodland

1979: Hollywood in Bloom

1980: Gardens of Picasso's France

1981: Gardens of the Midnight Sun

1982: Bourbon Street in Bloom

1983: Island Gardens of the Aegean

1984: Minnesota Wild

1985: An English Country Garden ... the Gentle World of Beatrix Potter

1986: Form and Flower: The Garden of Hiroshi Teshigahara

1987: Guthrie Gardens ... A Salute to the Theater's 25th Year with Desmond Heeley

1988: Salute to the Sculpture Garden

1989: Scenes From Tomie dePaola

1990: Babar's Kingdom of Flowers

1991: Fiori d' Italia

1992: Flowers and Fjords

1993: An English Country Garden

1994: Flores Mexicanas

1995: Tivoli Gardens

1996: Garden Varieties for Your Backyard

1997: Gardens of Vienna

1998: Beatrix Potter's A Storybook Fling

1999: Alice in Wonderland

2000: Curious George Goes to the Flower Show

2001: Linnea in Monet's Garden

Marshall Field's era

2002: Provence in Bloom, Christian Tortu

2003: Flower Fairies

2004: The Garden of Make Believe

2005: Music in the Garden

2006: Avantgarden

Macy's era

2007: Gadina Africana (moved to first floor)

2008: Floranova (first floor)

2009: Dream in Color (moved back to eighth-floor auditorium)

2010: Spring Is in the Air

2011: Towers of Flowers

2012: Brasil: Gardens in Paradise

2013: The Painted Garden

2014: The Secret Garden

2015: Art in Bloom

2016: America the Beautiful