Good news if you're 75 and older. The Transportation Security Administration no longer requires you to take off your shoes and jackets when going through airport security. You'll also be allowed a second pass through the full-body scanners if needed, a change expected to reduce physical pat-downs.


With mechanical delays, compensation optional

If you've ever been stuck at an airport because of a plane's mechanical problem, you should know there's no Department of Transportation rule concerning compensation in such cases. There used to be a DOT rule called Rule 240 that required airlines to put you on another airline's flight if that airline would get you to your destination sooner than your original airline. Even so, airlines often will provide some compensation, usually in the form of a travel voucher or frequent flier miles.


Greyhound Express rolls out in California

Greyhound just started offering Express tours in California, but the number of $1 fares available for each destination is limited, so book early. Unlike standard Greyhound buses, the Express has free Wi-Fi and outlets for a laptop or phone. More information at


Directions from phone should get better

Directions offered via smartphone through a mapping service such as Google Maps or Mapquest and aided by the GPS have always been a little iffy. But recent advances hold the promise of change. Google has unveiled what it's calling a "next generation" update to its maps program that will allow it to map off-road locations. And Apple has announced it's developing a new mapping application that will be available with its latest phone operating system. Of course, you can always consult a "real" map.