Q I have a thermopane window that has a crack from the bottom right-hand corner part-way up the inside glass panel. Can it be repaired?

A Yes, and it should be repaired. When a thermopane (insulated window) loses its seal -- and cracking is one way that happens -- then it'll acquire a fog or film between the panes, reducing or eliminating your view.

Contact the window manufacturer to check on the warranty and for repair advice. One suggestion may be to replace the whole window. Before doing that, however, consider having just that pane replaced, by an independent company. New glass, sealed in a factory, will do that job, and usually for less than the cost of replacement.

Look for companies that do this kind of work in yellow-page directories under "Windows-Repairing." Be sure to get a bid first and ask what will be done, how long it will last and what kind of warranty is offered on the work.

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