In 2007, came up with a metric that determined Kevin McHale of the Wolves was the best GM in all of sports. Nobody has forgotten.

Said Forbes at the time: Our rankings will surely raise some eyebrows. The Timberwolves' McHale has been harshly criticized in the press for not giving superstar Kevin Garnett the supporting cast to win a championship.

In fairness, of course -- as noted by ShaneofMN -- that was before McHale traded KG for half the roster of a 24-win team.

And now, five years later, we have another metric from that says the Wolves David Kahn is the worst GM in the NBA -- at least when it comes to the draft. Per the site:

We've rated every single player, put them into a category (elite, perennial all-star, occasional all-star, solid starter, quality reserve, rotation guy, bench and overseas/out of the league). ... Then we've given them a numerical value from 1 to 10 based on where they were drafted. ... For many of those taken in the 2011 NBA Draft and some in 2010, we've handed out incomplete grades to be fair.

Kahn nets a 0.5 rating, the lowest of the rankable GMs. Kahn's record is certainly hit (Ricky Rubio, probably Derrick Williams) or miss (Jonny Flynn, probably Wes Johnson), but we're also fairly sure that while there exists no perfect model for judging GMs in a vacuum, we're not sure if the CBS stab at things is much better than what Forbes produced.

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