If you're nostalgic for Richard Pryor's brutally honest brand of comedy, you'll probably devour Tracy Morgan's similarly toned act. Here are five other comics coming soon to the Twin Cities who conjure up some greats:

If you like Joan Rivers, you'll dig ... Joan Rivers, a living legend who is still every bit as hilarious and cutting-edge as she was when she exploded on "The Tonight Show." (8 p.m. Thu., Mystic Lake, sold out.)

If you like George Carlin, you'll dig ... Bill Burr, a fierce comic who likes nothing better than to climb into the danger zone, challenging how we look at the world and what we consider funny. (March 23, State Theatre, $35.)

If you like Woody Allen, you'll dig ... Aziz Ansari, a hyperactive force who loves to dissect the messy minutiae of male-female relationships. (April 6, State Theatre, $35.)

If you like Don Rickles, you'll dig ... Anthony Jeselnik, a "Comedy Central Roast" regular who routinely takes sacred cows and chops them into hamburger. (April 26, Varsity Theater, $25.)

If you like Bill Cosby, you'll dig ... Russell Peters, an international superstar still underappreciated in the States. His stories about his militant Indian father are the descendants of Cosby's bits about his own strict parents. (May 2, State Theatre, $50-$65.)

Other notable spring shows: Seth Meyers (March 23, Treasure Island, $25-$35); Ralphie May (March 30, Burnsville Performing Arts Center, $32.50-$42.50); Laurie Kilmartin (April 16-20, Acme Comedy Co., $15); Jay Leno (April 20, Grand Casino Mille Lacs, $38-$64); Joe Mande (May 8-11, Acme Comedy Co., $15).