After nine seasons, "How I Met Your Mother" has been filled with plenty of legen — wait for it — dary moments, none as memorable as these five scenes:

Let's go to the mall: Cobie Smulders finally gets to be more than just a pretty face when the gang unearths footage from Robin's days as teen-pop star Robin Sparkles, who looks an awful lot like Debbie Gibson. The music video will have you drooling for an Orange Julius. (From the episode "Slap Bet," Season 2.)

The piano man: Slap Fest comes to a satisfying conclusion with Marshall (Jason Segel) playing a beautiful tune after knocking out Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) at the very last possible second. Harris commits so completely to his tumble, he must have gotten calls from the U.S. Olympic gymnastic team. (From "Slapsgiving," Season 3.)

The two-minute date: Not even a Britney Spears cameo can spoil a seamless sequence directed by Pamela Fryman in which Ted (Josh Radnor) tries to woo a potential new flame (Sarah Chalke) by taking speed dating to a new level. The shot should be required viewing at every film school. (From "Ten Sessions,"Season 3.)

Dancing in the streets: Music has always played a pivotal role on the show, but never as effectively as in the 100th episode, which gave Harris a chance to show off his Broadway skills in an elaborate musical tribute to his wardrobe. The rest of the cast can barely keep up with him, which is part of the joke. (From "Girls Versus Suits," Season 5.)

How I lost my father: The writers never shied away from emotional moments, but neither cast nor fans were quite prepared for the twist that Marshall's beloved dad had passed away. Segel's reading of the episode's final line—"I'm not ready for this" — should have earned him an Emmy nomination. (From "Bad News," Season 6.)

Neal Justin