Cody Nielsen, the United Methodist campus minister at the University of Minnesota, wants to get the word out about the first "Multi-faith week" at the U next week.
It's sponsored by the Interfaith Campus Coalition. The idea is to invite students and others on campus to talk about religious life on campus.
Here's what Nielsen says in a statement:
“While some may not be interested in religion and spirituality, campus should be a safe space for all to have healthy dialogue about the topic, whether or not they wish to participate in a religious community.”

Monday: Dialogue amongst leaders of faith traditions
Wednesday: Service of remembrance of recent episodes of religious violence, with hospitality provided by Hillel, the Jewish campus ministry 
Thursday: Service opportunities and a blood drive sponsored by Muslims for Life
Friday: Program focused on justice work with speakers from the U and Twin Cities community

The event apparently will get to take advantage of the good weather forecast for most of next week. It will take place on the lawn outside Coffman Union Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.