I was reminded tonight that smaller can be better for Muskies....at times. In general  Muskies respond best to larger presentations.... Large inline spinners like the Double Cow Girl, Magnum and Pounder model Bulldawgs, Big Jakes etc. Tonight we had a situation were the larger presentations were drawing a blank, a large front had passed thru in the AM, barametric pressure had risen and most of the fish had likely fed prior to the front passing thru....evidenced by the strong bite  the past few days. So based on what we were NOT seeing....( Muskies ) I put on a smaller std size Bulldawg in a hot color and shortly after had a 47" beauty just nail it  a few feet from the boat.

The dominate pattern leading into today had been the biggest Blades and Dawgs you could throw but for today at least that had changed. When the bite changes you need to change with it. When it ramps up again the biggest stuff will be the best play.

Cold temps and unstable weather patterns this summer have really had the fish either ON or OFF....if the bite or action seems slow try slowing down and sizing down..... it may save your day.

Bob Turgeon

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