Candidates planning to run for office in Minneapolis this year likely won't have to worry about an increase in the filing fees.

Council Member Cam Gordon, who pushed to raise the fees, said Friday that changes aren't likely to pass this year. But they are still slated to get a public hearing in late April.

The original proposal would have raised the fee to run for mayor from $20 to $500, the first increase in nearly half a century. The fee to run for council would rise from $20 to $250.

Gordon said last month that the higher rates would prevent some non-serious candidates from entering races, which have no primary because of ranked choice voting. In order to become effective, any fee change must pass the council unanimously or pass as a ballot initiative.

The charter commission later augmented the proposal to $250 and $100 for mayor and council member, respectively.

Gordon now feels the change might be better served for the 2017 election, but the charter commission's proposal cannot be amended. So he will likely vote 'no' following the public hearing, he said.

"There are concerns about the timing and why are we doing this so late," Gordon said. "And I admit that if we really wanted to do this, we could have done it in a more public and thoughtful manner a long time ago.”