The person who wins a special election for Ramsey City Council may not need a majority of votes. In fact, it's possible the winner won't come close to a majority.

There will be no primary in the race to fill the seat vacated by David Elvig, meaning everyone who files to run will be on the ballot.

"Because of the charter, we're not able to do a primary," said City Attorney Bill Goodrich. The charter says there must be an election within 90 days of the council's acceptance of a letter of resignation. That came on May 7. The election is July 30.

Candidate filing began Friday. The first person to file was Jill Johns, a longtime resident who has worked with the city's park and recreation commission for years, said City Clerk Jo Thieling. The filing deadline is June 7.

Elvig resigned after being convicted of felony theft in connection with his former business; he was accused of using funds intended for employee benefit plans to pay business expenses. The case didn't involve his work for the city.

Paul Levy