A federal jury on Wednesday cleared Minneapolis police officer Kenneth Tidgwell in a lawsuit filed against him by two protesters who accused him of using excessive force against them.

Carrie Athanasselis, and her daughter, Camille Williams, initially filed the suit against several officers they claim assaulted them and hit them with batons while they were at the north Minneapolis police precinct in November 2015 as part of a rally to protest the death of Jamar Clark.

The lawsuits against several of the other officers were dropped, but the case against Tidgwell continued to trial. His attorneys argued that he only used a baton to push protesters away from a gate during a chaotic moment where they were trying to open an alley to a vehicle.

The jury deliberated for about three to four hours before reaching a verdict.

“The officer’s actions were reasonable and appropriate,” said Minneapolis city attorney Susan Segal.

She said there was no settlement offered to the plaintiffs as part of the suits being dropped against the other officers.