I don't know how long this can last. I don't know how long a 40-year-old quarterback coming off arm surgery who skipped training camp can keep playing this well, and throwing with such zip.

I don't doubt that Favre drove the Packers bonkers for the last few years of his career, and I don't doubt that some Jets players found him to be a diva. I wouldn't be surprised if he fails physically in December or January.

I really don't care anymore. Sports are enterainment, and I'm not sure it's possible to watch anything more entertaining than the most prolific quarterback in NFL history playing brilliantly in a dynamic offense while offering a more dramatic storyline every week.

Favre is 7-1 as a Viking now, has beaten the Packers twice while throwing for seven touchdowns with no interceptions and taking no sacks, and he might have played his best game in his only loss.

The guy is a sportswriter's dream _ legendary, prolific, exciting, risk-taking, eloquent, emotional. I figured he'd play well in stretches, but I never dreamed he could play this well every week, and I never dreamed he could handle his emotions as well as he has in the two Packer victories.

The best practical aspect of this for Vikings fans is that, if Favre and the rest of the team keeps playing this well, Childress may get the opportunity to rest Favre down the stretch, so he's fresh for the playoffs.

It seems to me that the Vikings, as an organization, have attacked their flaws brilliantly the last couple of years. They needed a pass rusher? They got the best, in Jared Allen. They needed a deep threat? In comes Bernard Berrian. Percy Harvin falls in the draft? They take him without hesitation.

For all of the Childress-bashing that goes on in this town, this looks like a well-coached team to me. And now it's a well-coached team entering a bye week with a big lead in the division and the still-putrid Lions looming.

Speaking of sportswriter's dreams, how about playoff games in Atlanta and New Orleans, with a potential trip to Miami for the Super Bowl? A Super Bowl at the age of 40. Favre might even shave for that.

Looking ahead: My column for the Monday paper is on Favre, of course. Duh. I'll be on am-1500 with Reusse at 6:40, and on WJON in St. Cloud at 7:14. You can follow me on Twitter at SouhanStrib. I plan to write about Kevin Garnett's return to the Twin Cities for the Wednesday paper. If you don't want to pay for Access Vikings on the Star Tribune website, I have two recommendations for you:

1) Buy a paper. They're 50 cents, the last bargain in America. If you have developed an aversion to buying the newspaper, think of it this way: The information is free, and we'll print out all of our stuff _ along with crosswords, Soduku, coupons, editorials _ for just two quarters.

2) How much do you spend at the coffee shop in a day, for sugar and caffeine? Skip one day and you can get three months of Access Vikings, and Chip and Judd (or as I call them, Chudd) finish each other's sentences 24 hours a day. I mean, I'm not a very nice guy, but Chudd would drive to your house and read their stories to you if you subscribed. Seriously. Stop being so cheap. I know how much you spend on beer.

As I get more accustomed to writing a blog, I may invite a few guest-posters on to discuss basketball, music, pop culture, etc. I think my FSN colleague Mike McCollow and his entire extended family may just highjack this blog and fill it with references to Bill Self, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, MadMen, the British version of The Office (of course) and Larry David.

Re: Larry David, I'll just say of Favre: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Favre is up there among my favorite athletes, right along with Super Dave Osborne (aka Marty Funkhouser.)


As for the Gopher football team, I believe Tim Brewster and Adam Weber both saved their jobs on Saturday night. And I'm happy for Weber.




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