After watching Adrian Peterson rush for 180 yards on Sunday against Cleveland, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre praised the running back today. 

"I mean no disrespect to any running back, whether I played with him or didn't," Favre said during a conference call with Detroit area reporters. "He's in the early stages of his career and barring any injuries or anything, this guy can be as good as any running back that's every played.  I've seen it first hand, either playing against him but more so playing with him here the last few weeks.  It's just unbelievable what he can do."

Favre also addressed a few other topics during the call:

On how he has adapted to the Vikings offense: "The transition hasn't been very difficult as far as the offense is concerned. That was a big plus, that the terminology and plays were really what I grew up in, so from that standpoint it made it a lot easier. Now, how it pertains to our guys is the trick to it and the plays that I'm familiar with as far as running, maybe our guys or specific plays is not as good here or may be better. The running game speaks for itself, so there's never really a bad run here. So from that standpoint it's different, I think it would be different for any quarterback because with Adrian there really isn't a bad run. I mean yeah you get stopped from time to time, so I guess what I'm saying more or less is that you don't always have to check out of runs and things like that. For me in the passing game it's just getting on the same page. The good thing is that I can spit the plays out and understand them concept-wise , and I missed several throws the other that there's no guarantee I would have completed them but I felt like that we were off, I was off on what our guys were doing. That's what the biggest challenge for me is right now."

On how his age has affected his play: "I think the best way to answer that is I probably don't move around as well I used to. I don't think I trust my legs as much as I used to and I think in all honesty I'm not physically as capable as I once was. I feel like I throw the ball as well as I've thrown it at any time, but this offense once again is different in a sense that we can rely on the run more, and this goes for all of our guys across the board, that we don't have to make as many over the top type of plays. At some point we'll have to pass like you do in every game, but there may be a game where we have to rely solely on the pass. And I hope that at that point I can make those plays, but I don't feel restricted really in one particular area any more so than I have in the past."

On if he would still pick yourself to lead a game-winning drive out of anybody in the league: "Sure I would. If I'd have told you otherwise I wouldn't be here."

On if he had a sense of humor -- someone mentioned his Sears commercial where Favre could not make up his mind -- of how things happened in the offseason: "Obviously I do. You know, it's no different than my career or what we just talked about, bad plays and good plays. You got to have a sense of humor. You got to have some resiliency and you got to have fun with the game itself. I'm well aware of how things shook down and as I've said it is what it is. This team has accepted me and as a part of their team I'm honored by that and all that stuff is in the past."

Vikings coach Brad Childress also did a conference call with Detroit reporters and had an interesting analogy when asked how easy Favre's transition to the Vikings' offense has been because of the knowledge he had from 16 years in Green Bay. 

Said Childress:  "Well, I'll use this analogy, if you grew up in France till the time you were 12 or 13 or in his case 16 or 17, and then moved away, and then came back, you'd be able to speak fluently and you know he can speak pretty fluently here-come in the first day-come in take a physical, sign a contract, eat lunch and go out to the practice field without a meeting, and it's not like he doesn't understand what's going on. He can jump in the huddle and run plays-understand snap counts."

As far as today's practice, only linebacker Erin Henderson isn't practicing today. Henderson has a calf injury and was wearing a walking boot after Sunday's game. Childress also continues to experiment with different practice schedules. Last week, the Vikings did their walk-through, had a break and then practiced in the afternoon. This week they went right from the walk-through to an afternoon practice.



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