Brett Favre might not have been able to beat the New York Jets on Monday night but the New York and Minneapolis media presented little trouble for the quarterback.

By my count, Favre was asked seven questions that were related to allegations that he sent inappropriate messages and photos via cell phone to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger when he played for the team in 2008. In each case, Favre quickly shifted the subject.

The one thing many people don't understand about the media is unlike in a court of law we have no means to compel a witness to testify all we can do is ask and see where the answer goes. And in this case, Favre took the answer wherever he wanted.

Here is a look at how Favre answered each question asked either directly about the situation or at least hinting at it.

Q. What was this day like for you?

A. “Disappointing. I was thinking we were going to win this football game. It was a great football game and I’d wish we had won it. We played what I feel like maybe is the best, definitely the best team in the AFC team at their place. Really a great defense, really playing extremely well all around. Had some opportunities but hopefully we can get it cleaned up and go on and play Dallas next week.”
Q. With everything that has been said and written in the past couple of days about the allegations how do you put that behind you and go forward?
A. “You know what? Just no different than any other time. I concentrated on this game, gave it my all. It wasn’t good enough. There's some things that I have to do better. I missed some throws there at the end. I played as hard as I think I always play. I was as prepared as I’ve ever been. I really felt like I had a good bead on their protections and blitzes and things like that. Yeah, they got to us a little bit but I was focused on the New York Jets.”
Q. Are you concerned about the NFL investigation into this matter?
A. “I said what I had to say. I’m disappointed we lost this football game. If you want to talk about football, I can’t say I’d love to talk about football, but, once again, it’s disappointing that we lost but there’s some encouraging things I think that we can build off of.”
Q. What was your message to your teammates in the meeting you held with them on Monday before the game?
A. “That’s between me and my teammates. Apparently not all of them.” [That was a reference to the fact news of the meeting was leaked to the media.]
Q. Are the allegations true?
A. “If you want to talk about what happened in the football game tonight, I’d love to. As I said, talk about Randy Moss’ touchdown catch, I’d love to do that. Percy Harvin. Any of you want to ask about Percy?”

Q. Can you characterize if this is embarrassing for you?

A. “I’m embarrassed we lost this football game. I thought we gave great effort, I thought the Jets gave great effort. No surprise there. We didn’t do very much the first half. That’s embarrassing. Forty or 50 yards, that’s embarrassing. We still had a chance to win the football game with 40 or 50 yards. They are a good defense but I think we’re a pretty good offense. … Hopefully we can ... it’s a short week and we get it cleaned up. We play a 1-3 team that’s a lot like us right now. Scratching their heads going, ‘How did we get here?’ We’ll get the best from them and hopefully we can give them our best.”

Q. Were you distracted at all in the first half by all stuff off the field?

A. “No. I felt like there were opportunities. Obviously a lot more in the second half and we capitalized on some of those but I still missed some. The first half, not as many opportunities but yet it only takes one. I hate to say [it but] boring as the first half may have been, we were still one play away from leading. We were in a couple of games like that last year. One was Carolina and it only takes one play to get you back in it. We saw that tonight. As lackluster as the first half may have been, you’re still a play away.

"Without watching the film, I think there were a couple of opportunities to make some plays. My best guess is from Darrell’s standpoint, my standpoint, and I’m just thinking out loud, Brad’s standpoint. You’re trying to find, ‘Can we run on them?’ If we are running is it strong? Is it outside? Is it inside? You go in with a plan but it doesn’t always work that way. You get to a point where you say, ‘We have to throw it?’ Well, how do you want to throw it? You kind of play into their hands when you’re doing that. We finally kind of found a happy medium there and generated some points.” [Favre's references were to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and coach Brad Childress.]


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