A Fargo cop was suspended for two days in August for posting a photo to his personal Facebook page of cash seized during a drug investigation. The post included the note, “Cash seizure from search warrant today. Crime didn’t pay today did it buddy?”

The Fargo Forum obtained documents in the case with an open records request. The narcotics detective, Bret Witte, had a history of other offenses, the story says, including leaving his unmarked squad car unlocked, then having the vehicle robbed of, among other items, a Taser and two loaded ammunition clips for a handgun.
When Witte’s bosses got wind of the Facebook post they ordered it removed, which Witte did immediately. An internal complaint was then filed alleging Witte violated department policy by disseminating images of official police business and failing to conform to work standards for his position. The resulting two-day suspension was unpaid.
 “Since there was no specific identifying information, I didn’t believe I was violating any policy regarding release of information,” Witte explained in a letter to his bosses. He noted his Facebook profile is restricted to private so only friends can see his posts.
“Hindsight being 20/20, I regret posting the picture and I am embarrassed this led to a formal complaint,” he wrote.
The full story is here.  
Researchers at University of Minnesota Duluth are trying to come up a home-based solution to one of Minnesota’s plagues: potholes.
The researchers at the school’s Natural Resources Research Institute tested a taconite compound to fill potholes on Duluth’s Grand Avenue this week. First they warmed the ground with infra-red heaters and microwaves. Now, we guess, they wait.
Northland’s NewsCenter has the full story.
Sandhill cranes heading south are making a pit stop in Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge near Zimmerman, the Elk River Star News reports.
A week ago, refuge staff counted 6,755 of the cranes, among Minnesota’s largest birds standing 5-feet tall with a 7-foot wingspan. Earlier this week a refuge official said the birds are still around in large numbers.
Hoping to get a peek? Betsy Beneke, a refuge manager, recommends driving around on county and township roads in the Santiago, Duelm and Glendorado areas, told the paper.
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