You yelped, and the Timberwolves listened.

There was plenty of outcry a year ago when the hastily scheduled lockout season left just 50 of 66 games televised locally.

That's changing this season.

The Wolves have added WFTC Ch. 29 back as a broadcast partner with a 25-game over-the-air schedule in addition to the 50 FSN (and FSN-Plus) games carried last season and again this season.

Add in three exclusive TNT games and fans in the Twin Cities will see 78 of the 82 games this season.

That's the most they've ever carried locally, going back to and including the Kevin Garnett era.

The only games that won't be televised: Home games Jan. 19 vs. Houston and April 5 vs. Toronto and games Jan. 21 at Atlanta and March 21 at Sacramento.

Some of the FSN and Ch. 29 games also will air on NBA TV and ESPN.

Ch. 29 showed 12 games two seasons ago, the last time the team had an over-the-air partner.

They didn't have one last season -- when several prime weekend games, including Ricky Rubio's first NBA start, weren't televised -- because the abruptly started lockout season didn't allow time to put one together.

"We certainly heard from our fans," Wolves senior VP and chief marketing officer Ted Johnson said. "Given how quickly the lockout ended and the season started, we had three weeks to go from zero to 60 and given clearance issues and other techincal issues, we weren't able (to have an over-the-air schedule). Given how exciting of a season it was -- we saw all numbers spike, from attendance to ratings on FSN -- we knew there's certainly an appetite to see more games. It was a given we'd have an over-the-air package, but it was not a given that we'd go as aggressive as we did (with the 25 Ch. 29 games)."

Here's the full TV schedule:

Nov. 2        Friday            Sacramento       7:00 PM    WFTC
Nov. 4        Sunday          at Toronto        5:00 PM    FSN    
Nov. 5        Monday          at Brooklyn       6:30 PM    FSN
Nov. 7        Wednesday   Orlando         7:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 9        Friday              Indiana                 7:00 PM    WFTC
Nov. 10      Saturday        at Chicago         7:30 PM    WFTC
Nov. 12      Monday          at Dallas         7:30 PM    FSN
Nov. 14      Wednesday   Charlotte      7:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 16      Friday            Golden State      7:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 21      Wednesday   Denver           7:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 23      Friday            at Portland        9:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 24      Saturday        at Golden State      9:30 PM    FSN
Nov. 27      Tuesday         at Sacramento        9:00 PM    FSN
Nov. 28      Wednesday    at L.A. Clippers     9:30 PM    FSN
Nov. 30      Friday             Milwaukee        7:00 PM    WFTC
Dec. 4       Tuesday          at Philadelphia        6:00 PM    FSN
Dec. 5        Wednesday    at Boston        6:30 PM    FSN
Dec. 7        Friday            Cleveland        7:00 PM    FSN
Dec. 12      Wednesday   Denver            7:00 PM    FSN
Dec. 14      Friday            at New Orleans        7:00 PM    FSN
Dec. 15      Saturday        Dallas            7:00 PM    WFTC
Dec. 17      Monday          at Orlando        6:00 PM    FSN
Dec. 18      Tuesday         at Miami        6:30 PM    FSN
Dec. 20      Thursday       Oklahoma City        6:00 PM    TNT
Dec. 23      Sunday           at New York        4:00 PM    WFTC
Dec. 26      Wednesday    Houston        7:00 PM    FSN +
Dec. 29      Saturday         Phoenix            7:00 PM    WFTC
Jan.  2        Wednesday    at Utah            8:00 PM    FSN +
Jan.  3        Thursday        at Denver        8:00 PM    FSN +
Jan.  5        Saturday        Portland        7:00 PM    WFTC
Jan.  8        Tuesday         Atlanta            7:00 PM     FSN
Jan.  9        Wednesday   at Oklahoma City    7:00 PM    WFTC
Jan.  11       Friday            at New Orleans        7:00 PM    FSN
Jan.  13      Sunday          at San Antonio        6:00 PM     FSN
Jan.  14      Monday          at Dallas        7:30 PM    FSN
Jan.  17      Thursday        L.A. Clippers        7:00 PM    TNT   
Jan.  23      Wednesday   Brooklyn        7:00 PM    FSN
Jan.  25      Friday            at Washington        6:00 PM    FSN
Jan.  26      Saturday        at Charlotte        6:30 PM    FSN
Jan.  30      Wednesday   L.A. Clippers        7:00 PM    FSN
Feb.  1        Friday             L.A. Lakers        8:30 PM     WFTC
Feb.  2        Saturday        New Orleans        7:00 PM    WFTC
Feb.  4        Monday           Portland        7:00 PM    FSN   
Feb.  6        Wednesday    San Antonio        8:00 PM     FSN
Feb.  8        Friday             New York        7:00 PM    FSN
Feb.  10     Sunday            at Memphis        5:00 PM     WFTC
Feb.  11     Monday            at Cleveland          6:00 PM     FSN
Feb.  13     Wednesday     Utah            7:00 PM    FSN
Feb.  20     Wednesday     Philadelphia        7:00 PM     FSN
Feb.  22     Friday              at Oklahoma City    7:00 PM    FSN
Feb.  24     Sunday            Golden State        2:30 PM     FSN
Feb.  26     Tuesday            at Phoenix         8:00 PM    FSN +
Feb.  28     Thursday        at L.A. Lakers        9:30 PM    TNT   
Mar.  2        Saturday        at Portland        9:00 PM     WFTC
Mar.  4        Monday            Miami            7:00 PM    WFTC
Mar.  6        Wednesday     Washington        7:00 PM    FSN
Mar.  9        Saturday        at Denver        8:00 PM    WFTC
Mar. 10       Sunday            Dallas            6:00 PM     WFTC
Mar. 12       Tuesday           San Antonio        7:00 PM     FSN
Mar. 13       Wednesday     at Indiana        6:00 PM     FSN
Mar. 15       Friday               at Houston        7:00 PM    WFTC
Mar. 17       Sunday            New Orleans        6:00 PM     FSN
Mar. 18       Monday            at Memphis        7:00 PM     FSN
Mar. 22       Friday               at Phoenix        9:00 PM    WFTC
Mar. 24       Sunday            Chicago        6:00 PM    FSN
Mar. 26       Tuesday           at Detroit         6:30 PM    FSN +
Mar. 27       Wednesday      L.A. Lakers        7:00 PM    WFTC
Mar. 29       Friday                Oklahoma City        7:00 PM     FSN
Mar. 30      Saturday           Memphis        7:00 PM    WFTC
Apr.  1        Monday             Boston            7:00 PM    WFTC
Apr.  3        Wednesday      at Milwaukee         7:00 PM    FSN +   
Apr.  6        Saturday           Detroit            7:00 PM    WFTC
Apr.  9        Tuesday           at Golden State        9:30 PM    FSN +
Apr.  10      Wednesday     at L.A. Clippers        9:30 PM    FSN +
Apr.  12      Friday                at Utah            8:00 PM     WFTC
Apr.  13      Saturday          Phoenix         7:00 PM     WFTC
Apr.  15      Monday            Utah            7:00 PM    FSN
Apr.  17      Wednesday     at San Antonio        7:00 PM     WFTC

A couple other things:

* The Wolves will sell 100 Brandon Roy "No. 3" season-ticket specials at the State Fair starting on Thursday.
They're selling the top rows of Target Center end-zone seats for $3 a game, or $129 for the season package.
And they're selling only 100 of them.

* Also starting Thursday at the State Fair, the Wolves will sell their 12-game "flex" ticket packages.
If you're not a season-ticket holder, a flex pack is the only to get tickets to games against the Lakers, Thunder, Heat and Celtics.
Those games will not be available in single-game sales.

* The Wolves are down to the finalists for their new television play-by-play guy. He'll replace Tom Hanneman,who's moving to studio-host duties for game broadcasts.



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