Minnesota Wild fans who get hungry now have an iPhone app that lets them order food without leaving their seats at the Xcel Energy Center. And since your mother told you to always wash your hands before you eat, the app also will point out the location of the nearest restroom.

The Wild launched a version of the service at the start of the season in October, but that required users to connect to an in-building Wi-Fi server. The iPhone update simplifies the procedure and adds new elements.

The food-ordering feature is the first of its kind in the National Hockey League. Fans place their order via the phone and get a text message when the food is ready to be picked up, which they do via a "bypass lane" that circumvents the crowds gathered in front of the concession stands.

The time you save waiting in line can be put to use on some of the other features, including instant replays that are not shown on the scoreboard or on TV. The app also offers player and game information involving both the Wild and their opponents.

"You can download the app from anywhere, but it will work only inside the Xcel Center," said Alex Carey, spokesperson for AT&T, which installed the system. The app can be downloaded for free at the iPhone App Store or at www.itunes.com/appstore.