I spent more time at FanFest on Monday — looking at Hall of Fame artifacts, listening in on Andre Dawson entertaining a crowd and just generally strolling the vast space.

The thing that struck me most was the lines for autographs. There were people waiting to swing bats or test the speed of their pitches, but the most consistently long lines were for signatures.

I've never been an autograph hound, and I'm not mocking it. But is it merely a keepsake from meeting a hero? Is it a contest to see how many you can collect? Is it done with the hope that they will be worth money?

austin powers? An official sign for "Home Run Derby Shaggers" drew laughs at Target Field for those of us with a middle-school sense of humor.

strong beard game The AL All-Star who looks the most like the frontman for a folk-rock band is easily Oakland's Derek Norris.