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After losing their dog of 17 years, a family began looking for a new dog to adopt from a rescue organization. They decided on Sally, who had been rescued from a puppy mill. Here’s what they said happened next:

“The dog began showing negative behavior towards my husband. She snapped at him when he tried to pick her up, and when he did pick her up, she growled and peed all over.”
Over the next few days, Sally continued to bite and act aggressively, so the couple called the rescue organization to see if they could bring Sally back and get a refund. The couple also wanted to see if they could find another dog that would be a better fit for their family. A couple months later, the rescue organization responded and said they could not adopt any of the other dogs.
The rescue organization “does post that they do not give refunds. I understood this. But I also believe there should be room for exception as I immediately returned the dog when a problem that was not disclosed was discovered … With the exception of Sally, I have never seen a dog that did not like my husband … All dogs are not the same and do not have the same issues. To decide that because one dog did not work, no dog will is not a rational decision.”
Do you think this couple should have been given another chance to adopt a different dog? Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do?

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