I have had a few calls from people asking if you can still catch fish now.  Absolutely, and it can be the best fishing of the year for quality fish.  We have fished several bass tournaments lately and there are still more planned.  We can connect you to that if you want.  But if you are going fishing then here are a few things to try.
If you are after bass, start looking for the last weeds and the general rule for all fall fishing is to be near the deep water.  Try a jig and pig, rattle baits and cranks have a couple of awesome weeks on all waters.  And bulk up the baits, the fish are feeding up for the winter.  Experiment with what baits you are comfortable and confident with and keep moving until you find the fish.  You can't put together a pattern without first catching some.  
The walleyes are also moving deeper and you can catch them with a jig and minnow, cold water like spring and fall, gets the walleyes back on minnows.  But you can go with a bigger minnow now.  Rattle baits can be a great way to find them and get some nice ones.  
Pike love cold water so don't forget them.  They like the big baits as well and will probably take any bait that they see.  
It's a beautiful time of year to be outside and watch the seasons change.  Or turn on the radio and listen to a Vikings game while trolling for the big muskie of the year.  
If you aren't much into winter and want to make it go faster and have some fun, consider ice fishing and an ice fishing league or club.  It's fun, you talk fishing and meet new friends.  Just plan to keep warm and safe. 
Go Vikes..

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