Donald Trump is closer than ever to clinching the Republican nomination on the first ballot. Here’s a look at claims he made over about 16 hours.

On Kasich

Trump: “As soon as Kasich gets hit with the first negative ad — he’s had none — bing, that’s the end of that.”

The facts: To say no ads have attacked Gov. John Kasich is not true. In fact, his own campaign has run an ad attacking Kasich. Outside groups have spent nearly $5 million opposing Kasich.


Trump: “I gave a great answer. … I said it’s obsolete and too many people are getting a free ride because we’re funding 72, 73 percent of NATO.”

The facts: The United States pays 22 percent of the cost of NATO in direct funding. He begins to have a point when talking about indirect spending on NATO: The U.S. defense expenditure represents about 72 percent of the spending on defense by all countries that are NATO members. U.S. defense spending far exceeds the spending of other NATO members, and that imbalance is driven by the United States’ role as a world power. It makes little sense to count defense spending in Asia as part of “NATO funding.”

On immigration

Trump: “If you look at what’s going on with immigration, and just look at the record numbers of people right now that are pouring across the borders of this country.”

The facts: The illegal immigration flow across the U.S.-Mexico border has been declining for years. Apprehensions of people from Mexico have decreased to 188,122 in fiscal 2015, from 1.6 million in fiscal 2000.

On the Iraq war

George Stephanopoulos: “You were for it, though, before you were against it.”

Trump: “No, I wasn’t. I was never for it. I was against it — before it ever started, I was against it. And I was against it from before 2004. I was against the war in Iraq, and I was against it for years.”

The facts: Trump did not oppose the Iraq war before 2004. In fact, in a 2002 interview, Trump gave lukewarm support for the war.

On financing

Trump: “I don’t play by the traditional rules. I’m self-funding my campaign.”

The facts: While Trump has provided the majority of funds raised by the campaign committee so far, he has raised money from individual donations. Of the $48.4 million raised as of April 16, 2016, 75 percent ($36 million) was money from Trump. The rest came from mostly individual donations, according to FEC data maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics.

On Benghazi attack

Trump: “[Hillary] Clinton blames it all on a video, an excuse that was a total lie, proven to be absolutely a total lie. Our ambassador was murdered, and our secretary of state misled the nation.”

The facts: The Fact Checker has written 20 fact-checks about the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, were killed. The evidence was mixed, open to interpretation, but we concluded that there was not enough for GOP rivals to make definitive judgments that she lied.

On ISIL and oil

Trump: “And now ISIS is making millions and millions of dollars a week selling Libya oil.”

The facts: The terror group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has, at times, disrupted the flow of oil. But ISIL does not control any oil fields and is not “making millions” from Libyan oil.