Facebook unwrapped a new app this week to celebrate its 10th birthday.

Paper, which turns the social network into a news aggregator, is an alternative to the traditional blue-and-white Facebook mobile app.

It doesn’t have every Facebook feature, but its photo-heavy presentation of news from friends and major publications has won wide praise.

“This just in: #Paper is the best Facebook app ever,” tweeted the Verge, a tech blog.

That’s no small feat for a social media behemoth that typically sends tech reviewers and its 1.2 billion users into a tizzy with each change.

But there are some nits to pick. For starters, there’s already a popular art app named Paper, and its creators are steamed about the shared moniker. Also, unlike other news apps — Flipboard is a popular comparison — Facebook’s Paper doesn’t let users pick which news outlets pop up in categories like Headlines, Score (sports) or Enterprise (business).

Finally, one of its most appealing features may not last. Paper doesn’t have ads — yet. □