As formal events go, the Animal Humane Society's Whisker Whirl was quite the dog and pony show.

Owners and their four-legged friends attended the annual event at the Depot in Minneapolis. The 250 dogs were invited to feast on table scraps and Purina at the formal affair. "The biggest danger is getting entrapped in someone's leash," said Janelle Dixon, chief executive of the Animal Humane Society (AHS).

While the dogs in attendance were treated to appetizers, the humans were there to help animals who are still looking for love. "[The guests'] animals have great homes and they want all of the animals to have great homes," said Dixon.

That was the case for Beth Lilja, who rescued her little dog, Caribbean, from a puppy mill. You'd never know there was any trauma in the wide-eyed dog's past as she wore her little black dress and surveyed the crowd from a perch in her owner's arms.

"She thinks this party is in her honor," said Lilja. "She thinks all parties are in her honor."

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