While the Minnesota Zoo's annual Beastly Ball was winding up, a pack of nocturnal creatures took over the party. With a habitat of swank neon couches and the booming music of Carnaval Brasileiro, the zoo's young professionals group AZUL hosted the first Wild Night.

If the party animals could be their choice of actual animals, what would they be?

Robert Freeman said he'd be a penguin because "they're the cutest animal on the planet, and when men want to look good, they dress up like them." As a grizzly bear, Matt Detert would enjoy the "nice pool and hanging out on the rocks."

Ron Garber would channel the snow leopard because "you get to go wherever you want in the mountains; you get to kill the goats and climb up rocky ledges." June Cheng said she would be a lion, because "they're graceful and powerful."

For now, they'll have to settle for visiting their creature soulmates at the zoo.

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