Happy Thanksgiving Eve, which isn’t a real holiday. Yet. Give them a few years and it’ll be a special shopping day, with stores opening at 12:01 AM.

WEB 2.0 I love stories about spectacular web flameouts. Not because it’s fun to read about people who dared and tried and made something new, only to fail, thereby justifying the sad, timid lives of those who never aspire to anything. No, it’s because there’s hubris and delusion and BS like a triple-twist soft-serve cone. I mean, c’mon:

When Goldberg acquired the startup WorkZoo, he pivoted Jobster into a search engine. A few months later, when he acquired GoJobby, he decided his company would also be a social network.

It’s a story about a guy whose current project is going the way of his previous project. s Fastcompany says:

It began as a gay social network, Fabulis, then added on daily deals, then got a total makeover to offer flash sales focused on design. The name was shortened to Fab. In that incarnation it found huge success, but by December of 2012 Goldberg announced Fab would move away from flash sales entirely and move towards full-priced e-commerce. A few months later he shifted again, announcing Fab’s own branded merchandise and going so far as to acquire a custom-furniture manufacturer.

Here’s something you can get on Fab today.

Yes, I can see why they have $100 mil in the bank.

GO HOME, COOP This article collects some tweets by David Lynch and pronounces him drunk.

Ha! Except those tweets don’t show up in his twitter feed. Most of his tweets are quite normal.

It would be odd to be shopping and see David Lynch standing in the coffee aisle. Odd, but not unwelcome.

PASS If you’re on the lookout for headlines that sum up things you weren’t looking for, here are two possibilities:

Watch Prince William Singing Livin' On A Prayer With Jon Bon Jovi And Taylor Swift

Pass. Or:

Pentatonix Performs The A Cappella Version Of 'Little Drummer Boy' You've Been Waiting For

I’ve been waiting for news I’ll never have to hear “Little Drummer Boy” again. I’d rather hear Bolero at half-speed.

ART The YouTube page says it best:

What's more important when it comes to art, the name of artist or the art itself? We didn't have the answer so we used Kazimir Malevich's work to find out.

The Russian Avant-Garde artist, whose paintings are worth a fortune, initially got rejected by the art academy, twice. We wanted to give him another chance, so we filled a portfolio with his million dollar pieces, attached a hidden camera and set up interviews at several art academies. This is what happened.

I think it says more about the actual quality of Malevich’s work, divorced from historical context, than it does about the stubborn judges at the school. (Via Daily Dot.)

VIDEO In case you were transfixed by the Exploding Whale Guts GIF, here’s the source, in HD. That’s right! A shower of cetacean intestines in HD.

I’m not embedding because it’s lunch time.