What happens when you take an idea for yourself -- giving a ticket to a Twins game to a random Twitter follower when you can't find anyone else to go with you -- and foist it upon someone else?


Well, in the case of Tuesday night ... good things. Very good things.

When we saw in the late afternoon that @partray was about to give up and just go to the Twins game alone, we felt her pain. Finding someone who has a week night free on short notice can be tough. So we suggested the ol' Twitter giveaway, which we have executed twice to great success. You get to meet a new person (in a relatively safe environment since 30,000-40,000 people will be there) and that person gets a free ticket that otherwise would have gone to waste.

Of note: We had never met Partray in person when we made this suggestion. There are tons of people, in fact, that we know from Twitter but not "real" life. But still, she went for it and put out a message to her followers. This fine gentleman was the first to reply, and away they went.

She came up with the hashtag #WTMJ (When Tracy Met Jimmy) and they tweeted the entire experience. She gained more than 100 followers, they got on the Kiss Cam and the whole thing made a lot of folks' nights (and ended up being a trending topic in Minneapolis).

We got to meet both of them in person in the late innings, and we have to think there is potential for duplication of this experience on a mass level for those who are comfortable with strangers. It involves a certain level of chance and potential awkwardness, but if life is about experiences then we think it sure beats watching the game alone.

Your thoughts on this -- and whether you would go to a Twins game with a random stranger -- in the comments.

UPDATE: Tracy added her own thoughts and quite a bit of detail on the night right here, so you can have a look-see.

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