Gardening tips from Kevin Blaeser and Cooper Hipp:

• A garden should be constantly evolving -- much like a home with continual renovation. There should be dirt, mud, mess and some chaos. Only then do you know that growth is happening.

• Never let anyone tell you what is tasteful, what is too much or what is not enough.

• Think of your garden much like a haircut. It's OK to take risks because you can always change the color and it will always grow back.

• Give and you shall receive: Split plantings with friends and neighbors. It's a wonderful way to acquire new texture and color for your own yard.

• If you are a beginner, try not to feel overwhelmed. Make small first steps and you'll figure out the rest later.

• Add tropical plants throughout your garden. Winter them over every year or buy them fresh in the spring. Just because we live in Minnesota doesn't mean we have to have a Minnesota garden.