A You Tube contest invites parents to try out to be the "Fifth Wiggle" and sing with the band at an August 2 concert in Minneapolis. All they have to do is upload a video before July 19 of them singing "Fruit Salad" -- yes, yummy, yummy -- to be considered.



The winner receives a family pass to the show at the State Theatre and will sing one song on stage with the band. Earlier submissions are better, as half of the selection is based on public voting. Only three Minneapolis-area residents have uploaded videos so far. One mother named Kristi (spelling unknown) said her daughter felt too old to go to the concert, but wanted her to try out anyway.

"Mom if you can get up on stage with the guys, I will go to the concert," the mother explains in her video. She then admits she is on her 20th take and that listeners should consider earplugs before she starts singing.

A Minneapolis uncle said he is trying to win for his nieces, and then belts out "Fruit Salad" from his kitchen -- even using fruit on his countertop for props.  

I honestly am relieved my kids have aged out of The Wiggles phase -- and that I can no longer separate Jeff from Greg from Captain Feathersword. Because if they were still interested and got wind of this concert, I know I'd be trying out. But come on Minneapolis parents! Three entries?! Let's see what you've got! A winner will be notified by July 25.

Fruit salad, yummy, yummy ... fruit salad, yummy, yummy ...

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