Last Friday my wife Sue and I decided we would go fishing in the evening after work.  We assembled the waders and fly rods and headed over to western Wisconsin.  After a quick bite to eat we got to the river around 7:00 allowing us a couple hours of light.  I had decided to go to one of my favorite spots, which must be a few other fishermen's favorite spot as there were a couple cars there when we arrived.  I chose this spot since it had been a season or two since Sue last trout fished and I knew it was an easier location to fish than others.  She is a novice and enjoys fly fishing, but has only cast to trout a few times so hopes were high for good conditions. 

We walked down to the river and watched for a minute or two as the trout were eagerly taking flies off the surface.  We decided to try a sulphur dry fly to start.  I coached Sue through a few casts to warm up and refreshed her memory on reading the water.  Soon enough we were each catching fish.  Most fish seemed to like a nice dead drift with no drag on the surface, but there were a couple fish that seemed stimulated by a little drag.

We fished a couple pools working our way up stream slowly.  The combination of low light and a strong hatch also seemed to prevent the fish from getting spooked to easily.  There was many times that when casting to specific fish a different and unexpected one came up and took a fly right next to the fly line.   We also didn't need to rest the pools after a hooked brown zig-zagged it way through.

The night came to an end when we could no longer see the fly to tie a new one on.  This seemed like a sign to call it a night.  I probably could have planned better and brought a flashlight, but I will save that fishing for some other night.  We both had a lot fun and this evening got us both excited for our upcoming trip to fish for rainbows in California.

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