bremerEverything with the Twins these days is, we suppose, relative. They are on pace to win 73 or 74 games this season, depending on whether you round up for wins. That’s not good! But that’s still at least seven more wins than in any of the last three seasons. That’s progress!

We can look at their TV numbers in the same way. Forbes did a big piece crunching the numbers of MLB broadcasts on all the regional sports networks to see how they are faring. As it turns out, the Twins on FSN are doing fairly well, particularly considering the team is a non-contender for the fourth year in a row.

The Twins on FSN are among the 19 regional sports network products that has a top-three prime time rating in their market.

In data spanning from the beginning of the season through July 24, the Twins have a 4.09 rating and are being watched in an average of 71,000 households. The 4.09 rating puts them 13th in MLB — slightly above middle of the pack. The Tigers lead all of MLB with an 8.38 rating, more than double the Twins.

Still, the Twins are not far off from where they were in 2013, when they were being watched in 73,000 households. So that’s the good news for the team — even as they continue to lose, they’re not losing much more ground with viewers (so far).

The bad news? It’s still waaaaaaay down from their last good season in 2010, when they were being watched in 152,000 households. So basically their four-year swoon has cost them more than half their regular viewers. It will be interesting to see if they are able to get those viewers back if/when the team starts winning more consistently again.

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