One of the lead stories on right now takes a look at Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder. The main thesis is that he is major trade bait and will be coveted by several teams as the deadline nears. But the story (and particularly the tease and headline) essentially asks if Fielder's considerable girth should scare off potential suitors. And who better to tackle the question than John Kruk. From Kruk's piece:

Doubters say Fielder's size is a risk, but his father, Cecil Fielder, was a big man, and Prince has always been big. I met Prince when he was 12 years old. Cecil and I were playing in a charity softball outing, and Prince came with him. He was a big kid then. He will always be a big kid. I remember when I first got signed, I was 170 pounds and then I hurt my knee in A-ball and shot up to 200 pounds. Eventually, I played at 215 pounds, and I was overweight for my size. In Prince's case, this is not an abnormal thing for him. He's a big guy, but he's still very agile around the bases. He's similar to Ryan Howard, in that he's a big guy but they both carry their weight well and they actually have good feet. The only area where the pair differs is that Howard is a bit more consistent.

While we tend to agree somewhat with Kruk's assessment, we could not believe the part about him breaking in at 170 pounds until we found an old baseball card that at least lists him at that very weight. Amusingly, his baseball reference page also lists Kruk at 170 pounds. But let's just say there are some folks in the office right now who are doubting that he topped out at 215 during his playing days. Maybe it's legit. If it is, there is a pretty big difference (no pun intended. Actually, not even really a pun) between Kruk's 215 and Fielder's 270. Not that it stopped either of them from being dangerous at the plate (pun intended?).

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