Just got off the phone with the always gracious Eric Eskola who confirmed what his colleagues at the Capital had just learned: He's leaving WCCO after more than 30 years.

He joins a list that includes Dark Star, Tim Russell and Jeff McKinney - a list that's not only the core of 'CCO. It IS 'CCO.

Eskola said the changing times and technology had a lot to do with his decision. Understandable. We're all dealing with new platforms and not everyone wants or needs to make the adjustment. But there's no substitute for institutional memory and few who cover Minnesota politics has the resources, back knowledge or Rolodex that Eskola has. Unless 'CCO goes after a high-profile newsman who has been in the market for quite some time, then it will take years for them to catch up with the competition in that area - no matter what fancy gadgets they use. Of course, 'CCO may not be as interested in covering politics anymore. Time will tell...

You can find an interview with Eskola at the startribune's main web site...


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