Tyrone Washington, the 27-year-old homicide victim gunned down at Epic nightclub early Sunday, had been ordered by a Hennepin County judge to stay out of downtown Minneapolis following his guilty plea two weeks ago to a charge of terroristic threats for the benefit of a gang.

The order, known as a “geographical restriction,” has been in use for several years, mostly to put a dent in drug dealing, according to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

“If we had found him downtown we would have put him back in jail … The irony is that if he had been in custody he wouldn’t have been killed,” he said.

Washington, a high ranking member of the 1-9 Block Dipset gang, was convicted of threatening to kill police officers after he was Maced March 4 outside of a nightclub by officers who were attempting to clear a crowd off the sidewalks, according to a criminal complaint.

“The next time they [expletive] with any of my boys I’m going to put a bullet in they ass!” he told people waiting in line at Pizza Luce while pointing to two police officers, according to the complaint. “Y’all don’t know about me!” he continued. “I’m more powerful than the cops! I run this city!”

Washington then threatened the police officers and told them they should watch their backs, according to the complaint.