I love storewide sales, when everything is on sale. Like the anniversary sale at Electric Fetus Tuesday June 8 through Sunday June 13. Everything is 20 percent off except stuff such as tickets, tobacco, gift cards, mix & burn CDs and items already on sale.

I know that 20 percent isn't a huge discount, but it's the psychology of sales. I hate it when retailers advertise a sale with "up to 70 percent off selected items." As a bit of a cynic, I know that the words "up to" mean that many sale items are discounted only 10 percent and "selected" can mean that only two racks in the whole store are discounted. So if you're wondering why I tout a storewide sale at only 20 percent off, that's why.

My favorite deals during the sale are on used CDs and DVDs. Normally, they sell for $4 to $9, which is a good deal even before the discount. The average is about $7. And the Fetus has one of the best selections of used CDs too. As more and more Boomers clear out their collections, buyers who still play CDs are in luck. 

If you want to do a little clearing out of your own collection, expect to get between $1 and $4 for most CDs and $1 to $5 for most DVDs. Yep, you can get more selling them at Half.com, but it's not a time saver.