A 37-year-old nurse from Eagan told a fellow nurse that she'd repeatedly injected her husband with potentially lethal doses of insulin, laced his smoothie with more than a dozen sleeping pills and tried to smother him with a pillow, according to court documents.

"He just keeps coming back," Amy M. Losie allegedly told her friend.

It's unclear if Losie actually tried to kill her spouse or was just boasting about it. She was charged March 22 in Dakota County District Court with felony terroristic threats and stalking, a gross misdemeanor.

Losie is free on bail from jail. No one answered the phone at the couple's home Friday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint, Losie's friend called Eagan police on March 20, saying she had gotten a call from Losie, who seemed frantic and asked her if her phone was "bugged," the friend said.

The friend said Losie asked her, "How do you give somebody 60 units and then 80 units of insulin and they don't die?" the complaint said. She also said she'd tried to give her husband a smoothie in which she'd blended 15 Ambien sleeping pills, but he didn't like the taste and didn't finish drinking it.

Losie also told her friend that she had tried to put a pillow over her husband's face, the complaint said. The friend said she told Losie that someone would be able to tell if her husband died from an insulin overdose, but Losie told her that they wouldn't find the insulin and would just think he overdosed on his prescribed pain medications.

The friend told police she believed Losie actually meant to hurt her husband, and that Losie could steal small amounts of insulin from the hospital where they worked without it being noticed.

Police arranged for the friend to call Losie and record their conversation. In that call, Losie said she injected her husband a total of three times, starting with 10 units of insulin and then using more, "but it never worked," the complaint said. Losie said she injected the insulin into his stomach.

Losie was arrested when she arrived home from work. She said she was "very frustrated with her marriage and her husband was always drugged up," the complaint said. She admitted telling her friend that she'd injected the husband with insulin but claimed she never actually did it.

The next day, police contacted the husband, who said he was constantly on pain medication because he had been in several car accidents and had slipped discs in his back. When the husband lifted his shirt, officers found a small bruise, healing and yellowish, on his lower abdomen. The complaint didn't say whether the bruise was the site of an injection.