A new law in Minnesota bans e-cigarette use in some public places, including government buildings, public schools, and most health care facilities.

The Minnesota Legislature passed e-cigarette measures including indoor-use restrictions, starting July 1. The law also requires retailers to keep e-cigs behind the counter and to be licensed.

Next year, starting Jan. 1, the law will require child resistant packaging of e-cigarette liquids sold in Minnesota. The law also prohibits anyone under 18 to have an e-cigarette nicotine dispenser on public school grounds.

Under the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act e-cigarette use is now subject to the same prohibitions and restrictions as smoking in some locations, such as:

•    Licensed day care, including family home daycare during hours of operation.
•    Buildings and vehicles owned or operated by public school districts.
•    Health care facilities and clinics, except residents of residential health care facilities or psychiatric units can still use e-cigarettes in enclosed areas, such as smoking rooms, that meet regulations.
•    Buildings owned or operated by the state of Minnesota, as well as Minnesota cities, counties, and townships.
•    Facilities owned by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the University of Minnesota.
•    Facilities licensed by Minnesota Department of Human Services, and those MDH-licensed facilities subject to federal licensing requirements.

Minnesota Department of Health

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