A controversial Duluth head shop is paying for customers to mark their love for the store — permanently on their skin.

Last Place On Earth has paid for nearly 300 tattoos costing up to $150 each that incorporate the store's name. Takers also get $60 to $120 worth of free "incense," depending on the tattoo size, store owner Jim Carlson said.

Local tattoo artists have been busy with enthusiastic customers who have designed everything from Yoda to a fairy holding a banner with his store name, Carlson said. "I've just seen some beautiful, beautiful works of art on some people," he said.

The ads started when a customer volunteered to get a tattoo after hearing him discuss the idea with his son, he said.

Law enforcement officers have raided Carlson's store more than once, alleging that it has sold illegal synthetic drugs, some marketed as incense. Carlson maintains that his products are legal. He is facing federal and state charges.

Pam Louwagie