Normally, I admire people who keep a tight focus on moving forward, who never look back, who never note those lagging behind. Except when these people are drivers. Then I think they're stupld.


This morning's commute proved a veritable parade of wheeled igloos piloted by drivers who had cleared their windshields of the overnight's snowfall and, apparently  having broken a sweat, decided that visibility through the remaining windows was overrated.

This -- sorry -- really frosts me.

I, should, of course, appreciate having the visual cue of seeing a rear windshield sheathed in snow. On more pleasant days, you don't really know which drivers are responsible and which are clueless. Not until someone swerves into the next lane, or runs the red, or is caught texting when the light turns green do we know we're in the presence of that medical miracle, the living brain donor.

But the people driving in cars caked over with snow immediately reveal themselves as motorists who warrant being watched closely for signs of further impaired behavior. I give them a wider berth, expect poorer driving skills, anticipate doofus moves. For this, I should thank them.


For the record, while I will settle for all the windows being cleared, I still retain the right to rant about those who fail to sweep the snow from the roofs of their vehicles. Surely, they also have been caught driving into the whiteout of a snow-spewing car, or been walloped by a shard of ice that suddenly breaks free from the truck they're trailing, and vow never to do that to another motorist.

Or  maybe they haven't had that experience. Maybe they've just been lucky. Stupid people are the luckiest people in the world, you know. They rattle along, leaving chaos in their wake, blissful in their ignorance of life's little courtesies.

I know, I know -- this blog is supposed to be about matters of the home. But consider how many of us treat our cars: we spend hours in them, eat in them, talk in them, sing in them, rant in them. A car is like a home-on-wheels, without the bathroom.

So a modest plea to all of you lazy scrapers: Respect yourself. Driving around with a rear windshield that resembles a snow cone makes you look stupid. It makes you look lazy, and clueless. It makes people think that Kim Kardashian has returned to Minnesota.

You don't want that.