Minnesotans might lead the nation, especially this fall, in complaining about their pro football team. But according to a recent survey, we don't drown our sorrows with booze.

Our rivals to the east might have nothing to grouse about on the football front, but according to that study, Wisconsinites are second nationally in grumbling about … hangovers.

These and other findings emerged when the integrated communications agency AMP polled 5,249 U.S. drinkers on their habits and hangovers. The results are posted at the Intoxication Nation website.

Along with Vikings and Twins fans ranking last in their respective leagues in alcohol consumption, the survey uncovered these tidbits:

• Wisconsin ranks seventh in drinks per year, Minnesota 41st. But keep this in mind, the report notes, that while American drinkers say they consume 277 drinks per year, they actually quaff 819 such beverages.

• Minnesotans' favorite drink is rum and Coke, their favorite shot a Jagerbomb and their favorite beer a Blue Moon.

• Chicago fans are most likely to have woken up somewhere surprising.

• Golf and auto-racing fans drink the most.

• Florida residents and people over 50 are three times as likely to drink daily as the national average. Wonder if there's some kind of correlation there?

• Women are 40 percent more likely than men to drunk-dial an ex.

• The District of Columbia "leads the way" in being too hung over to work, with 30.5 percent of respondents having been there/done that.

• Waiters and Realtors are most likely to be hung over on the job.

• Republican beer-drinkers favor Bud Light, Democrats like Blue Moon, and Libertarians are all about Sam Adams.