In May 2017 Minnesota lost a great teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend when Dr. Robert Morrison passed away; this loss was especially impactful for those involved in the pork industry.

While Dr. Morrison was a highly accomplished researcher and academic having coordinated and hosted the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference for a number of years before leading the Leman China Swine Conference in 2012, his contribution to the swine industry cannot truly be captured nor adequately expanded upon in a curriculum vitae (CV).

The legacy of Dr. Bob Morrison will live on in the students, peers, and industry to which he gave so much. Dr. Morrison was a rarity bringing together business expertise, research and a love for people into one individual who was respected across the globe.

Dr. Morrison had a penchant for providing critical and honest feedback with the intention of improving those around him, he lived a life built on a foundation of continuous improvement and learning and was able to cultivate that same desire in those around him. That curiosity and constant pursuit for discovery will also be part of Dr. Morrison’s lasting legacy.

The humble veterinarian from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan went on to become a household name for swine veterinarians and pig farmers across the globe. But the state of Minnesota in particular benefitted and progressed exponentially from the teachings and work of Dr. Bob Morrison.

“Bob was rare gift to the Minnesota pork industry,” said Dr. Gordon Spronk, friend and former colleague. “You get a bunch of Minnesota pig producers in the room and they are distinctly different. They have an ability to listen, they are wise in their discernment, they are skillful in their ability to work together, and they are exceptionally good business people and farmers. That’s distinctly Minnesotan. That’s the gift of Bob’s legacy.”